Telephone Skills for Superior Customer Satisfaction

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Telephone Skills for Superior Customer Satisfaction

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Customers, both internal and external, expect and often demand excellent service at all times. In our world of instant communications, satisfying those customers is a challenge. To meet this challenge, telephone customer service professionals must possess not only content/product knowledge, but superior interpersonal communication skills as well. When a customer is in crisis, the correct telephone response may be the one opportunity to create or keep a satisfied customer. Understanding customers' needs, quickly responding to their demands and developing strategies to deal with the most difficult situations will be the focus of this course.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

1 Day/Lecture & Workshop

This course is intended for help desk and customer service personnel.

  • Defining excellent customer service
  • Assessing your customer service strengths and weaknesses
  • Internal and external distractors
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Writing scripts
  • Personal action plan
  • Telephone communication skills

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