Teradata (Custom for Amdocs)

This course is designed as a 3-day Teradata course to quickly and efficiently bring Teradata students to an entirely new level. Students will start on day one with an intense understanding of the entire Teradata architecture. Day two will combine the architecture with the advanced portions of the SQL with performance tuning in mind to enhance even the best SQL users. Day three will strongly examine the TASM and Viewpoint features so students can understand system administration and monitoring of queries at the deepest level. The three most important aspects of Teradata are the architecture, SQL capabilities and the system administration. Tera-Tom will be teaching this course personally so there will be an enormous amount of hands-on work as well as an enormous opportunity for those new to Teradata and those who already have experience.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • The Teradata Architecture
  • Primary Index
  • Hashing of the Primary Index
  • Space
  • Partition Primary Index (PPI) Tables Subquery
  • Secondary Indexes
  • Columnar Tables
  • Temporal Tables Create Functions
  • How Joins work internally
  • The TOP Command
  • Aggregation Function
  • Temporary Tables
  • OLAP Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Join Functions

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