Teradata Database Administration

Training Summary
This class teaches everything a Teradata DBA needs to know. This class covers everything from Teradata DBA fundamentals, TASM and Viewpoint, and Teradata Internals.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Teradata DBAs or anyone who has interest in learning more about how to perform the role of a Teradata DBA.
Course Topics
  • Introduction and Good Advice
  • Teradata Architecture Fundamentals the DBA must know
  • The Primary Index is the Axis of all Teradata Systems
  • A DBA's best friend - The Data Dictionary
  • How Teradata Tracks Objects
  • Creating Users and Databases
  • Profiles
  • Roles
  • Access Rights
  • Collect Statistics
  • Locking
  • Protection Features
  • Viewpoint
  • TASM
  • Designing and Implementing Workloads
  • Top SQL Commands Cheat Sheet
  • The Cold, Hard Teradata Facts
  • How Teradata Tracks Objects
  • AMP Worker Tasks
  • Deep Dive Overhead for each Row
  • Compression
  • Data Stored in the Row
  • How Data Rows are Stored in Blocks
  • Disk Cylinders and the Master Index
  • Teradata Virtual Storage (TVS)
  • Teradata Writes and Blocks
  • Access Logging
  • DBQL Query Logging
  • ResUsage

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