Test Driven Development

This course delivers a hands-on view into how TDD can be used by developers, project managers, and the quality assurance teams to create higher quality software. Ensuring every student has the same understanding of standard software testing procedures, the TDD training course begins with an examination of common test terminologies, practices, benefits, and pitfalls. The course then moves into a discussion on the theory and practice of test-driven development, the applicability of TDD in modern software development paradigms (like Web 2.0), and how it can be leveraged within different software engineering processes. Once the foundation has been laid, the Test-driven Development course transitions into a hands-on learning lab, where students learn the processes and practices of test-driven development in the creation of a basic application. Variations of this course exist for test-driven development in Java, .NET/C#, PHP, and Python. The Test-driven Development can also be delivered as a 5-day workshop, focused on helping apply TDD within your own project.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Developers, project managers and quality assurance teams.
  • What is test driven development?
  • How do I adopt TDD?
  • Testing concepts
  • Test-driven development concepts
  • Testing tools
  • Setting up testing infrastructure
  • Junit test framework
  • Mock objects
  • Refactoring
  • Web tier testing
  • Middle tier testing
  • Testing legacy code
  • Continuous integration testing

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