Testing Web Applications with Selenium and Java, Level I

This course introduces the student to the concepts and techniques of testing Web Application with the Selenium and Java. This hands-on class focuses on practical skills and best practices to ensure the student learns the ins and outs of Web Application testing with Selenium and Java. This course uses Selenium 2 and the WebDriver interface to design and implement tests. The student will work with a sample Web Application that requires a number of testing scenarios. This class features extensive labs with a goal of at least 50% of class time spent hands-on. This course includes “Survival Skills Java” for Testers.
A background in Web technologies and testing concepts is assumed.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for experienced Web Developers or Test Engineers working with Web Applications who are new to Selenium.
  • Getting started with Selenium
  • Fundamentals of Testing
  • The Selenium IDE
  • Using Locators
  • Working with Forms
  • Browser Navagation
  • Assert vs Verify in a test
  • Exporting a manual test to Java
  • Using the Store and Load commands
  • WebDriver
  • Basic Java
  • Using the Selenium Java API
  • Selenium Test Suites
  • Debugging Testing Scripts
  • An overview of Test Automation
  • Best Practices
  • Summary

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