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Team Foundation Server 2018 and Visual Studio offer many features to help make developers more productive. This two-day course has been designed for developers wanting to work efficiently with Team Foundation Server 2018. All examples and hands-on lab exercises use Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC).

This course focuses on the Agile and Scrum processes which is a common theme through all modules. Course attendees will learn the basics of working from product and sprint backlogs and learn how they can easily track work to help ensure projects are delivered on-time while maintaining quality.

The central part of the course provides a deep dive into version control topics which is central to a developer’s day to day work. This includes how to branch and merge following best practices before moving into unit testing and code quality features. You'll learn how to track the quality of your code and work to reduce the accumulation of technical debt during your projects.

The course examines the new build system and how to configure continuous integration (CI) to help find issues quickly so they can be fixed. The final topic in the course looks at the new Package Management features introduced in the previous version TFS. Package Management allows teams to easily re-use packages across multiple applications to increase productivity.

Before taking this course, you should have some familiarity with Visual Studio and either Visual Basic or C#.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for all Visual Studio developers who are starting work with Team Foundation Server 2018. The course focuses on features common to both the professional and enterprise editions of Visual Studio 2017.

  • Introducing the Microsoft Visual Studio family
  • Organizing work in Team Projects
  • Work Items and working with backlogs
  • TFS Version Control Concepts
  • Using Team Foundation Version Control
  • Configuring an effective Version Control environment
  • Effective branching and merging
  • Unit testing and code quality tools
  • Build and continuous integration
  • Package Management

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