The Role of Testers in Agile Projects

The books about the Agile methods say nothing about testers. Some have suggested that this means there is no role for testers to play. But recent experience of Agile teams is that testers have much they can contribute to Agile projects.In this class, we will explore the various ways that testers have been integrated into Agile teams and how testers' special knowledge and abilities can be harnessed for the customer's advantage.
Participants must have a background in software/application development or testing and possibly some experience with various software life cycle models. The suggested prerequisite courses are Introduction to Software Life Cycle Models and Introduction to Agile Software Development.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Managers of software development and software testingTesters and others for whom testing is an important activitySpecialists in software development processes and quality assurance
The values, principles and philosophies that underpin Agility::Testing-related activities in Agile projects::Option 1 Testers Integrated into the Agile Team::Option 2 Testers as a Separate Agile Team::Identifying the Approach for Your Organization

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