The zSecure Suite Level 1- Foundation Skills

Training Summary
The course introduces and explains the essential elements of zSecure, focusing on zSecure Admin, zSecure reporting and SMF auditing. This is a hands-on course, in which attendees will learn to perform the frequently used administrative functions, standard reports, and verification functions of IBM Security zSecure Admin. Students will also learn how to audit the content of their RACF database and z/OS system, and to measure the results against the security requirements of a selected policy level. In addition the course teaches how to review the current general SMF & RACF audit settings and interpret the pre-defined SMF audit reports. Attendees will also be shown how to create their own customized SMF reports.
Attendees should have thorough working knowledge of RACF, or have attended the course RACF Administration & Auditing.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
The course is suitable for RACF Administrators responsible for RACF Administration at their installation.
Course Topics
  • RACF Review
  • Running IBM Security zSecure Admin
  • Selecting & Displaying Existing ::RACF Profiles
  • Profile Maintenance
  • Advanced Options
  • RACF Administration Reports
  • Specific Userid & Group ::Reports
  • Reporting Resource Profiles
  • RACF Management Reports
  • Customised Reports
  • zSecure Auditing
  • Auditing Resources
  • SMF Auditing
  • Library Analysis
  • Question & Answer Session

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