Thriving in a Time of Change: Tools for Working in a Changing Organization

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Thriving in a Time of Change: Tools for Working in a Changing Organization

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While all organizations are operating today in a more dynamic environment, some organizations seem to move through changes more quickly, cohesively, and productively than others. This seminar focuses on successfully working in a changing environment at both the individual employee and task team levels. Not only will participants develop awareness of their innate and learned ability to handle change but they will also identify practical strategies for developing the increased emotional intelligence and more effective communications skills a changing workplace often demands. Attendees will participate in multiple interactive exercises to practice using concepts and tools introduced throughout the seminar.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is appropriate for employees at all levels within an organization undergoing, or preparing to undergo, an increased level of project, department, and/or business process change. While not required, groups of employees who frequently work together may find it helpful to attend the course together.

  • Introduction
  • Setting the Foundation: Your MBTI Type
  • MBTI and Your Innate Ability to Change
  • Your Learned Ability to Change
  • Your Preferred Ability to Change and the "Competing Commitment"
  • Emotional Intelligence and Others' Abilities to Change

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