Tivoli Workload Scheduler End-2-End for Schedulers

An experience-intensive course for technical staff assigned the responsibility of planning, creating and documenting batch scheduling objects for TWS End to End environments. This course provides OPC and TWS for z/OS schedulers with the knowledge they need to effectively manage distributed jobs along with the z/OS jobs in their TWS E2E scheduling network. Learn how to perform all tasks necessary for responding to user requests to create and modify jobs, job streams and associated properties. Acquire customization skills to modify the job recovery behavior of Workload Scheduler. Learn how to use the command line interface to view job and job stream properties, and to create scheduling objects.
Before attending this course students should have taken the Tivoli Workload Scheduler End-2-End for Operators course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for scheduling managers, job setup staff, and secondary: administrators, and business analysts.
  • Basic scheduling concepts production day, Long Term Plan (LTP) Extend, Current Plan (CP) Extend, Symphony File.
  • Basic scheduling concepts define workstation objects (FTA, XA).
  • Basic scheduling concepts user scheduling object, variables, resources, define and modify scheduling objects.
  • Basic scheduling concepts define and modify job streams.
  • Intermediate scheduling concepts define job stream properties.
  • Intermediate scheduling concepts how the production day starts.
  • Intermediate scheduling concepts define and modify calendars and periods.
  • Intermediate scheduling concepts external dependencies, external job dependencies, external job stream dependencies.
  • Intermediate scheduling concepts run cycles.

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