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CICS is the fundamental link between operating systems and online applications for businesses – gain the knowledge you need to compete.

Why work with us:

  • Comprehensive range of courses for all user experience levels and expertise with programming languages.
  • Learn IBM CICS on your terms with both on-site training throughout North America and convenient and accessible online learning.
  • Hands-on instructors provide an excellent learning experience to ensure that you develop the mainframe CICS skills you need.
  • Training you can truly count on with our 100% satisfaction guarantee on CICS mainframe training.

Don’t worry about course cancellations–our courses are guaranteed-to-run so that you can plan your education confidently.

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Master mainframe with our top-tier IBM mainframe training materials

Instructor was knowledgeable in many different areas of the SAP platform, which allowed for very detailed explanations of how CRM components work, and also how CRM works with other SAP systems. Hands-on exercises helped tie the lecture with real world examples.

Aaron B.

The course was well structured and at an excellent pace. The examples used in class were practical and explanations made sense to even a novice developer like myself. The instructor kept the learners engaged, both in the room and online.

Ryan S

I have got to learn a lot of new SQL functionalities with this course. The work out examples provided by instructor helps a lot to practice. The additional comments in the examples where really helpful. The instructor is really knowledgeable and was patient enough to get back to our doubts.

Dhanya S

The course that I attend contain important and world ready information and training. This course help developed my skills that I already held and pushed them further. The course leader was very well knowledge and also help explain any questions that came up during the course.

Pierce K

All IBM Mainframe Certifications and Courses

The CICS Mainframe Training You Need – On Your Terms

CICS Mainframe

Versatile Courses Accessible Anywhere

ProTech provides cutting-edge CICS development courses in a variety of formats so that any professional can benefit. Choose from:

  • In-classroom training
  • Connected classroom training
  • Independent, virtual, anywhere training

Anyone Can Learn CICS

No matter which of our course offerings you choose, we ensure that you have the resources and support needed to thrive.

Guaranteed-to-Run Courses

Unlike our competitors, we set a definite schedule for courses, so you don’t have to worry about cancellation on our end.

Instructors You Can Really Count On

Our hands-on instructors are experts at helping IT professionals truly come to grasp the CICS knowledge and skills they need and giving them the foundation necessary to apply them practically in the workplace.

Proven Teaching Experience

At ProTech, you receive instruction from skilled and experienced instructors. Our instructors have an average of 15 to 20 years of experience.

The Support You Need

Our instructors provide the individual guidance you need to achieve the best possible outcome from our CICS courses.

CICS Training
CICS Courses

CICS Courses for Any Role

ProTech has developed carefully curated course curriculums that can give any role the CICS fundamentals and knowledge they need to meet their unique CICS programming and management challenges.

Starting From Scratch

Roles that could benefit from CICS knowledge and skills can build a solid foundation with our beginner and intermediate courses.

Advanced CICS Skills

Our courses include CICS programming, analysis, and web services for software developers and IT professionals to develop expert skills.

Industry-Leading Instruction

ProTech is an industry leader in IT training and consultation with over 1,500 unique courses. Our CICS courses meet the same high standards as our other offerings, giving you the best foundation for success.

Acknowledged Excellence in Training

ProTech is an elite Tier 1 Managed Microsoft Partner for Learning Services and has partnered with firms like IBM, HP, Apple, and more to deliver the best in training.

Countless Professionals Expertly Trained

Providing IT training since 1990, we’ve trained over 1,112,426 professionals with the cutting-edge skills they need.


High-Quality CICS Curriculums

All of our CICS and other courses are carefully developed by in-house experts at ProTech to provide the most effective instruction and impart professionals with the expertise they need to succeed.

  • Learn on Your Own Terms

Choose from live classroom, connected classroom, and virtual anywhere learning for CICS courses.

  • Courses Based on Experience

Our course curriculums are developed by experts with experience across the full spectrum of IT.

  • No Generic Training Content

Unlike other course providers, we carefully craft each course rather than relying on training templates.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive to deliver results for every client and back that commitment with our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Tell Us About Your IBM CICS Needs

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CICS stands for customer information control system and is the vital transaction processing middleware that makes modern business applications possible.

CICS is used in all types of online transaction processing and application servers for brokerage and banking, credit, insurance, and more.

Software engineers and developers, IT professionals, and many tech professionals in banking and payment processing can benefit from learning CICS.

CICS Training