REXX Programming Training

Upskill and prepare your team for modern REXX programming mainframe challenges.

Upgrade Your Team’s Technical Skills with REXX Programming Courses

Browse courses and find the REXX (Restructured Extended Executor)programming course your team needs to meet changing demands.Why choose ProTech Training for your REXX programming educational needs: 

  • Build a strong REXX programming skills base with courses for professional- and management-level learners, with relevant programming languages.
  • Learn at your own pace between in-person, online, or self-paced courses.
  • Get a high-quality education from certified instructors paired with leading firms like IBM, HP, Apple, Citrix, and more.
  • Enjoy reliable, trusted IBM mainframe training with our 30 years of experience training professionals just like you.

Tell Us About Your REXX Training Needs

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ProTech Training’s REXX Programming Courses, By the Numbers

30+ Years

Offering courses in mainframe environment


Students trained in REXX programming and other technology


Unique courses to choose from, including REXX programs to IBM mainframe


Courses delivered since 1990


Write Your Own Programs with ProTech REXX Programming Courses

REXX Programming

Start Your Journey to Mastering REXX Programming

Learn the REXX programming language. Before you know it, you'll acclimate to the procedure language, develop your own built-in function, and apply it to macro language environments, such as IBM mainframe applications.

Training Courses for All Levels

Choosing from introductory courses to advanced applications, learn REXX at your level.

Experience Real-World Applications

Learn with REXX tutorial courses developed and implemented in partnership with leading tech firms like:

  • IBM
  • Broadcom
  • HP
  • Apple
  • Cisco 
  • Citrix
  • And more

Take Your REXX Language Skills to the Next Level

Beginning with the language processor, take your REXX skills to the real world with an instructor-supported learning experience.

Enjoy Advanced Programming Courses

With our advanced REXX programming Courses, learn OS interfacing and macro editing. Create complex parsing templates, and master an object-oriented language with Object REXX.

Learn Beyond the Language

Building upon a comprehensive REXX programming program, expand your skill set with training in  z/OS, mainframe development, CA OPS/MVS, and more.

REXX Language Certifications

Premier REXX Programming from Educators Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

Looking to upskill your team?

Expand your product offerings and bring your company’s technical expertise to a new level. 

Get the Most Value for Your Money 

Get peace of mind with guaranteed-to-run courses and 100% satisfaction guarantee

Programs and Technologies Based on the Real-World.

Expand your skill set quickly with an education that’s relevant and compliant with existing standards.

Learn from courses built upon real-world needs and standards. These include brands such as IBM, Broadcom, HP, Apple, Cisco, Citrix, and more

ProTech Training courses, including those for REXX programming, are endorsed by the Project Management Institute and the International Institute for Business Analysis. Take courses that are aligned with ScrumAlliance, SAFe, and

  • Leading Industry Partners
  • Take Trusted Course Programs
  • Digital Badge Program

Receive full endorsement for completing any of our courses. Get separate badges for specific competencies such as Mainframe, Agile Business Analysis, CompTIA Network+, and more.

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FAQs about this topic

REXX (Restructured Extended Executor) is a procedural language geared towards making programs and algorithms more readable and understandable.

REXX was expressly designed to be intuitive and stand-alone, while also easily integrable with other systems and languages.

You can use REXX to create programs and issue commands to a host environment. It can also be used to call functions written in other languages.