Transforming Applications with IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition-WA615G

Training Summary
This course teaches students how to transform traditional (monolithic) WebSphere applications to run in a containerized environment–Red Hat OpenShift–by using WebSphere Hybrid Edition. It covers two key reference implementations: Operational Modernization: Repackage the application to deploy in a container while maintaining the monolithic architecture. This solution does not require changes to the application or runtime. It uses Transformation Advisor (part of WebSphere Hybrid Edition) to assess the application, and the Runtime Operator to manage the containerized application on Red Hat OpenShift. Runtime Modernization: Update the application to run on Open Liberty, a modern cloud-native runtime. Modernize some aspects of the application by taking advantage of MicroProfile specifications. This solution uses Transformation Advisor (part of WebSphere Hybrid Edition), and the Open Liberty Operator to deploy and manage the modernized application on Red Hat OpenShift.
:Experience with WebSphere application development and deployment :Familiarity with WebSphere Application Server or Liberty system administration tools :Familiarity with the Red Hat OpenShift console and command line interface (CLI) :Experience using the Linux operating system :Recommended prerequisite course: DL10031 - Application Migration and Modernization with IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The primary audience for this course is the Application Developer. Their company is driven by the need to build new capabilities and deliver them quickly. Modernizing applications can provide the immediate benefits of improving developer productivity and operational efficiency.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to containers
:Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift :Use Transformation Advisor to assess an application :Operational modernization :Runtime modernization

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