Transforming XML with XPATH, XSLT and XQuery

This course enables developers to extract information from XML documents and transform that information into another format. Typical examples are converting a business document from an external to an internal schema, preparing a publication for printing and converting XML program output to HTML for manual inspection. XSLT is the traditional technology used for this task, but it has been complemented by the XQuery standard, which is aimed specifically at XML stored in databases.The course provides an in-depth guide to each of these technologies, along with the XPath addressing language that both are dependent on. The nature of the technologies allows the course to be very hands-on, with delegates working on sample transformations all the way through the course.
Developers should be experienced at writing HTML and XML documents.
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
  • Review of Core Concepts
  • Introduction to XPath
  • Creating XPath Expressions
  • Introduction to XSLT
  • Writing XSLT Stylesheets
  • Advanced XSLT Stylesheets
  • Introduction to XQuery
  • Basic XQuery Expressions
  • Practical Uses of XQuery

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