Transitioning From Waterfall to Agile

The Agile software development methods are different from traditional approaches in significant ways. Those differences are the main reason why adopting them can be challenging. Armed with a clear understanding of those differences, you will be able to capitalize on them to gain the cooperation and acceptance of stakeholders who must approve and participate.The Agile methods come with many benefits that must be the centerpiece of your transition strategy. The many challenges that come with changing the way work is done must be addressed head on. In this course, you will get three case study scenarios that echo the attributes of your organization, each providing a touchstone as we explore and discuss the hurdles to Agile. Learn to overcome these hurdles and interweave your traditional practices with Agility to develop the best software for your organizationAfter considering all of the ways in which the Agile methods will affect your organization and considering the benefits and challenges associated with each, you will be ready to plan your Agile adoption strategy. What will you do first? Who should be involved? How will you capitalize on the benefits you will experience? In this course you will gain all the tools, skills, and knowledge to return to your office and successfully integrate an Agile transition strategy that best fits your environment.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Align Agile practices with PMIs A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.
  • Implement Agile practices that are compatible with the SEIs CMMI
  • Adopt Agile requirements practices that conform to the Business Analysis Body of KnowledgeTM
  • Eliminate the dirty dozen traditional practices that sabotage project flexibility and success
  • Embrace the 5 philosophies that enable Agility, and implement the 3 core Agile practices
  • Identify the software problems in your organization that are addressed by Agile approaches
  • Redefine the project managers role to be a leader and coach
  • Ensure that the software you deliver provides the highest possible value in your customers eyes
  • Neutralize the disruptive effects of change through iterative planning and adaptation

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