Transitioning to Rational Application Developer v6.0

This course teaches students how to use IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) v6.0 for J2EE development. The course focus is on teaching students how to use the tool to implement J2EE components, not on the underlying J2EE technology. The concepts taught in this course are reinforced by hands-on lab exercises.
Students should have Java programming experience, server-side development experience and familiarity with HTML. Students must be able to develop JSPs, servlets, and simple EJBs without assistance using another development environment.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Introduction to J2EE Architecture::RAD Concepts::RAD The Java Perspective::RAD UML Visual Editing::RAD Debug Perspective::Application Assembly Overview::RAD Import and Export Wizards::RAD Web Perspective::RAD Server Perspective::RAD Page Designer Basics::RAD Image Tools::RAD Web Site Designer::RAD page Designer Advanced Features::RAD Data Sources::RAD Junit::RAD J2EE Perspective::ANT::RAD Web Services Development::WSAD Web Services Client Development::RAD XML Perspective::RAD Profiling Tools::RAD Log and Trace Analyzer::RAD Struts

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