U4199S TACL Programming

Master the art of writing functions in the Tandem Advanced Command Language (TACL) program on HP NonStop servers in this course. Through student projects and hands-on labs, you will gain valuable experience with TACL programming. After completing this course, you will be able to write macros and routines, perform file I/O, use structured data and write server functions.
Concepts and facilities courseKnowledge of at least one other programming languageAt least six months of programming experience
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
System programmersSystem and network managersApplication designersApplication programmersSystem analystsData communications programmers and analysts
  • Overview of TACL features
  • TACL variables
  • Directories and segments
  • Editing variables
  • Writing functions-macros
  • Writing functions-#IF statements
  • Writing functions-#LOOP statements
  • Writing functions-#CASE statements
  • Writing functions-debugging
  • Writing functions-file I/O
  • Writing functions-routines
  • Inline processing
  • Writing functions-server files

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