U5517S Open System Services (OSS) - Advanced Commands and Utilities for HPE NonStop Servers

Training Summary
OSS is the open interface to the NonStop Kernel operating system running on the HPE NonStop servers. This course focuses on advanced OSS commands and utilities, with special emphasis on those that make it possible to interoperate between the Guardian environment and the OSS environment.
Before taking this course, you should have taken the OSS NonStop Server Fundamentals course (U5515S) or Concepts & Facilities course (U4147S) (PT8380) or have equivalent experience with NonStop servers. OSS Basic Commands/Utilities (U5516S (PT8396)) or have working knowledge of basic UNIX commands & utilities is also required.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for UNIX application designers and developers who are preparing to work in the OSS environment and for UNIX system administrators who will have responsibility for managing NonStop servers. Experienced NonStop server application designers and programmers who are preparing to work in the OSS environment and NonStop system managers with basic OSS knowledge who are interested in expanding their skills will also benefit from this course.
Course Topics
Introduction to Open System Services (OSS)
  • The OSS Shell
  • OSS Commands
  • OSS File System
  • OSS/Guardian Interoperability
  • Command Scripting

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