U8503S HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press; Press Operation for New Operators

The HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press course focuses on the concepts, procedures, and practices required to operate the digital printing press safely and effectively. This class builds confidence in new operators who will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Presses. Topics covered include operator routines, safety precautions, care and preventive maintenance, paper transport, handling of consumables, control of color, maintenance of the press, and troubleshooting common operator level printing problems.
Candidates should possess the qualities described in a guide to evaluating core competencies for operator candidatesHaving a background in printing technology (traditional press operation, prepress, graphic design) and basic computer skills help students excel and are preferred, but are not necessary
Training is structured specifically for those individuals who are new to the HP Indigo family of digital offset printing presses and will be assigned to operate the HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Presses
  • Understand the safety and disposal procedures.
  • Identify the parts and function of the HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press
  • Perform daily, weekly and monthly maintenance routines
  • Perform consumable replacement successfully
  • Utilize the press software to print files
  • Understand how color is controlled within the HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press
  • English comprehension at a technical level, appropriate for comprehending the course materials
  • Successfully print on multiple substrates

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