UI/UX Interaction Design Intensive

The class builds on the Task Oriented Design approach in the 100 series class. The class dives into more complex web and web application user interface design issues, patterns and solutions to addressing common web design challenges. This class includes a lot of hands on work prototyping with Balsamiq and digging into Interaction Design issues applied to delivering the user experience.
Before taking this course, students should take ProTech's 100 UI Design class or equivalent. Students should also have Axure experience or some basic familiarity with prototyping.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
Product managers, Business Analysts, Managers or designers. Anyone involved in the design process or involved in a UX project. This class is oriented toward an interest in UI design
  • Designing for Websites vs. Web applications
  • Identifying users and tasks
  • Review and rapid prototyping of 30 common web design challenges
  • Advanced Design principles
  • Interaction Design patterns
  • Applying UX best practices
  • Proofing your designs
  • And much more...

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