UML for Java Programmers

This course is designed as a broad overview of the UML, with specific emphasis on reading the UML notation and accurately translating design into code. This course is designed for software Implementers, not Designers and Architects. Therefore, the course is focused on aspects of developing code in strict accordance with the design. The majority of the course is composed of lectures and exercises in Rational Rose designed to enhance an Implementers understanding of the UML input artifacts from design to construction. Participants will be exposed to all major UML design artifacts, and strategies for code development from each design construct for Java. Participants will learn how to do code generation, reverse engineering, and roundtrip engineering in Rational Rose for Java. RUP methods will be referenced for iterative development, stressing the importance of design and code synchronization.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for Implementers only.
  • Introduction to UML
  • Use Case View Interpreting Use Case Documents
  • Use Case view Interpreting Use Case Flows
  • Logical View UML Static Models
  • Code Generation
  • Reverse Engineering and Roundtrip Engineering with Rational Rose
  • Object Models and Data Models
  • Logical View UML Dynamic Models
  • Implementation View
  • Process View
  • Deployment View

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