Unicenter CA-Scheduler Job Management Release 11 Operational Training

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Unicenter CA-Scheduler Job Management Release 11 Operational Training

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This course is designed to teach all Operational Functions of CA-Scheduler Release 11 from signing on to integration with other CA Products. Students will learn start-up/shutdown procedures, tracking and controlling schedules and jobs, as well as rerunning or restarting production jobs with or without CA-11. The students will also learn the details of the daily autoscan function and recovery procedures from a system failure or crash.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

1 Day/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for CA-Scheduler operational staff, all senior operators, and production control.

  • Overview
  • Introduction to CA-Scheduler
  • Staging and Modifying JOB JCL
  • Tracking and Controlling Schedules and Jobs
  • Operator Commands & Procedures
  • Daily Functions
  • Revisions for Release 11
  • Overview of the CA-Datacom database
  • New Start-up and Shutdown procedures

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