UNIX and Linux System Basics II

Training Summary
This course serves to further expose students to the UNIX operating system. By providing a detailed look at additional aspects of the UNIX operating environment, it builds on the foundation of UNIX system structure and commands and is designed to further develop the student's understanding of UNIX. At the completion of this course, the student will have a proficiency in additional commands necessary to fully utilize the power of the UNIX operating system.Lab EnvironmentThis course uses a continuous lab environment where the student stays logged on to both a Linux and a UNIX system, interacting with it constantly, in parallel with the lecture.
The student should have completed the UNIX Systems Basics I course or possess equivalent knowledge such as an understanding of the UNIX file system, permission, basic file management command, use of the vi editor and familiarity with using a UNIX shell interactively.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for personnel interested in furthering their skills in the UNIX environment.
Course Topics
  • Networking in UNIX and Linux
  • Extended Permissions
  • Scheduling Commands
  • Process and Session Management
  • Introduction the the Linux graphical desktop
  • Overview of virtualization via VMWare
  • Walk-thru of a Linux install
  • Walk-thru of Linux software installation and maintenance
  • Printing

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