UNIX and Linux Systems Basics I and II

Training Summary
This course is designed to help technical staff gain a mastery of UNIX and/or Linux operating systems. It builds a foundation of UNIX/Linux system structure and commands designed to develop the student’s understanding of UNIX/Linux. Following the completion of this course, the student will have a proficiency in the basic commands necessary to exploit the power of the UNIX/Linux operating system. This course also serves to further expose students to the UNIX operating system. By providing a detailed look at additional aspects of the UNIX operating environment, it builds on the foundation of UNIX system structure and commands and is designed to further develop the student’s understanding of UNIX. At the completion of this course, the student will have a proficiency in additional commands necessary to fully utilize the power of the UNIX operating system. By using a continuous lab environment, the student stays logged on to both a Linux and a UNIX system, interacting with it constantly, in parallel with the lecture.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for system/application end-users who have little or no experience with the UNIX or Linux operating systems. This course provides a functional familiarity with basic system tools and commands to those individuals with other operating systems experience.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to UNIX and Linux
  • Getting started
  • Navigating UNIX File Systems
  • File system security
  • Additional UNIX commands
  • Using the vi and vim editors
  • Introduction to the UNIX shell and shell programming
  • Introduction to UNIX Power Utilities
  • Communicating with Other UNIX Users
  • Networking in UNIX and Linux
  • Extended Permissions
  • Scheduling Commands
  • Process and Session Management
  • Introduction the the Linux graphical desktop
  • Overview of virtualization via VMWare
  • Walk-thru of a Linux install
  • Walk-thru of Linux software installation and maintenance
  • Printing

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