UNIX Performance Management

Performance management requires a background in overall system architecture. This course makes the approach of tackling each major system of the chosen UNIX platform individually, pointing out how resources are allocated, consumed, released and reused.
Students entering this course should be familiar with UNIX concepts such as the command line shell, pipes, I/O redirection, process IDs, paging space, and so forth. All information required for a proper understanding of the course material will be provided, however, hands-on use of those techniques listed above will enhance the learning experience.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for performance management specialists who are or will be responsible for the tuning and capacity monitoring of one or more machines running UNIX. The topics listed are concepts that are translated into the appropriate subsystem for the client's choice of platform.
System Overview::Kernel Environment::Virtual Memory Subsystem::System Call Subsystem::Process Scheduling::Processes and Threads::File Systems::Interprocess Communication Overview::Device I/O Subsystem

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