UNIX Shell Scripting

This course introduces the UNIX operating system and enables you to write UNIX Shell Scripts. Students will incrementally build scripts of increasing complexity, and learn to perform tasks such as console I/O, text manipulation, arithmetic, process control and signal handling. The course is taught using the Korn shell, but also discusses Bash, Bourne and C shells. The course can be delivered on any version of UNIX, but typically Red Hat or Ubuntu Linux is used. Tools specific to particular flavors of UNIX (e.g. DTrace on Solaris) are not covered by default, but can usually be included if required.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
  • Review of Core Concepts
  • Starting Shell Programming
  • Regular Expressions
  • Creating Useful Scripts
  • Using the Sed Tool in Shell Scripts
  • Using the Awk Tool in Shell Scripts
  • Advanced Shell Programming
  • Alternatives to Shell Scripting

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