User Interface Design for Mobile Devices

Students will come away from this workshop-style course knowing how to conceptualize and create intuitive user experiences for mobile devices. UI designers who have worked with traditional applications and Web sites will learn how to transfer their skills to the mobile medium. We will cover information architecture and task flows, small screen layout, search, browse, and information design. We will also explore techniques for minimizing user input such as personalization, use of location/GIS data, defaulting, and analytics. Design principles will be taught through an analysis of the most innovative & popular mobile applications across a variety of industries – education, consumer goods, entertainment, health care, and enterprise. Each student will put their learning into action as they create information architecture, screen layouts for a Balsamiq-based prototype of their mobile UI design.
It is recommended to have a background in usability and user research as well as the principles of graphic design.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for developers, desktop interaction designers, product managers, and others who are involved in the creation of interactive web sites and applications.
  • Strategic considerations
  • Mobile information architecture and navigation
  • Mobile User interface(UI) design
  • Techniques for communicating your design
  • Ways to evaluate and optimize your design

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