Using HPE SimpliVity Solutions, Rev. 20.31 - 0001131290

Training Summary
The HPE SimpliVity Product certification course is an in-depth introduction to the HPE SimpliVity product. The course covers product introduction, architecture, portfolio overview and HPE SimpliVity solutions. The course will also cover managing, installation, trouble shooting and support. In addition to lecture this course also contains labs for hands on experience exploring and using HPE SimpliVity.
3 Days
Course Topics
After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to: Describe the benefits and HPE SimpliVity and HyperGuarantee program Top use cases (VDI, ROBO, Datacenter Consolidation, Data Protection). Describe available Reference Architectures. Describe HPE Simplivity impact on TCO and sizing rules. Explain HPE SimpliVity architecture and components (OAC, OVC, MVA, Cluster, Federation, datastores, Arbiter, Compute Nodes, networking requirements [3 networks, jumbo frames, etc.]). Explain HPE SimpliVity data efficiency technologies (deduplication, compression and optimization). Explain how HPE SimpliVity has a resilient platform and provides peak and predictable performance. Explain HPE SimpliVity Stretched Cluster implementation. Explain how HPE SimpliVity differs from other hyperconverged infrastructure technologies. Describe HPE SimpliVity portfolio (hardware-accelerated and software-optimized models). Describe product positioning and matching with specific customer use cases. Describe HPE StoreOnce and Infosight integration. Describe HPE SimpliVity functionalities (backups, restore, clone, etc.). Describe available user interfaces (GUI, CLI/API). Explain how HPE SimpliVity RapidDR works. Explain how HPE SimpliVity performs backups to secondary storage (HPE StoreOnce today). Explain how to use HPE InfoSight to investigate the analytics and get insights from an HPE SimpliVity environment. Explain steps required for a successful deployment. Explain the upgrade procedure. Describe support and troubleshooting procedure

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