Using Java 8's New Features (using Eclipse)

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Java 8 introduces a number of revolutionary capabilities - many of them centered on lambda expressions and functional-style programming. These capabilities add powerful new programming techniques to the language, but also add complexity. This concise course is focused on introducing the new capabilities and how to use them. It includes numerous code examples and programming labs that illustrate all of the new capabilities.The course is hands on, and requires that students be comfortable with writing general Java code at an intermediate level, including the use of interfaces.
This version of Java 8’s New Features uses Eclipse labs.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab


  • What's new in Interfaces
  • Introducing Lambda Expressions
  • The Stream API
  • The Built in Lambda Types
  • Parallel Processing / Concurrency
  • Date/Time API
  • Other Capabilities

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