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Is social media a mystery to your organization or are you getting everything out of it? Social media can be the most important plank of your marketing strategy. However, building an online presence requires identifying where your audience can be found, learning the right skills, and determining which "push vs. pull" marketing strategies will grow your presence. You probably have a website or blog. If you are on the leading edge, you are on Facebook, and maybe even have experimented with YouTube. But is all of this getting the exposure you want? Are you actually being called by media? Are you developing - or connecting with - your community of interest? And what about your search engine rankings? Every 60 seconds, 13 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube and millions of tweets are generated every day. With so much content being created, how will one filter out what's important? This workshop will explore the role of social media and how your organization can utilize it to maximize marketing dollars.

1 Day/Lecture

Anyone who wants to improve their organization's visibility and profile using today's social media tactics and tools.

  • The Basics
  • Building Your Strategy
  • Building an Audience
  • How do we Measure the Value?
  • Using Social Media for Better Internal and Employee Communications
  • Implementing Social Media into Internal Communications

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