Veritas Data Insight 6.1: Administration

The Veritas Data Insight 6.1: Administration course is designed for the storage administration, IT security, and systems administration professional tasked with architecting, implementing, administering and using Veritas Data Insight. This class covers how to design, install, configure, administer, and maintain Veritas Data Insight. Students will also learn how to use the core features of Data Insight to investigate risk, compliance, and data management use cases.
Before taking this course, you must have a working knowledge of advanced computer terminology and Internet terms, and administrator-level knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is for storage administrators, systems administrators, IT security administrators, systems professionals, and consultants who are charged with the installation, configuration, and day-to-day management of Veritas Data Insight in a variety of system environments. It is also targeted at those who need to use Veritas Data Insight to monitor systems for IT security, compliance, classification, and data management use cases.
Data Insight Introduction
  • Technical Overview
  • Installation
  • Configuring Users and Servers
  • Performing the Initial Configuration
  • Adding Resources for Monitoring: Windows and SharePoint
  • Adding Resources for Monitoring: Non-Windows
  • Viewing Monitored Data
  • Implementing Classification
  • Configuring Additional Monitoring
  • Running Reports
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Example Use Cases
  • Maintaining Data Insight
  • Integrating with Veritas Enterprise Vault
:;Remediation Workflows using the Self-Service Portal

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