Veritas eDiscovery Platform 9: For Users

Training Summary
The Veritas eDiscovery Platform 9: For Users training course is designed to be delivered over three (3) days. It concentrates on the Preservation, Analysis, and Production stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).
There are no prerequisites for this course. To get the most out of the training session, however, Veritas strongly suggests that you have a basic understanding of electronic discovery and the Veritas eDiscovery Platform.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for customers, support engineers, consultants, and partners who need to maintain and use the Veritas eDiscovery Platform. The course is also beneficial to the users of the Veritas eDiscovery Platform, such as; Attorneys or Paralegals who perform eDiscovery legal hold, searches and export or productions.
Course Topics
Introduction to Electronic Discovery
  • Introduction to Veritas eDiscovery
  • Legal Holds and Sending Hold Notices
  • Customizing Notices and Managing Confirmations
  • Legal Hold Tracking and Management
  • Tags and Folders
  • Document List, Filters, and Analytics
  • Advanced Searching
  • Review Mode and Review Management
  • Exporting Data – Native and Metadata Export
  • Creating and Exporting Productions

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