Veritas NetBackup 10.0: Administration

Training Summary
Acquire the skills to make your data protection strategy successful with the Veritas NetBackup 10.0: Administration course. You will learn the general principles, configuration, and management of NetBackup, including how to best utilize the NetBackup tools and interfaces, effectively monitor backup and restore operations, and ensure that the data recovery objectives are met.
Students should be familiar with general network and storage concepts, and the administration and configuration of Windows or Linux operating systems. Knowledge of virtualization and cloud technologies is useful.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for technical professionals responsible for the design, configuration, operation, monitoring, or support of NetBackup.
Course Topics
  • Introducing NetBackup
  • Working with the NetBackup Web UI
  • Performing NetBackup Certificate Administration
  • Configuring Basic and Advanced Disk Storage
  • Configuring NetBackup Policies and Schedules
  • Protecting File Systems
  • Configuring Media Server Deduplication
  • Configuring Cloud Storage
  • Optimizing Filesystem Backups
  • Protecting VMware Environments
  • Recovering VMware Environments
  • Duplicating and Replicating Backups
  • Protecting the NetBackup Catalog
  • Mitigating Impact of Ransomware
  • Generating NetBackup Reports
  • Upgrading and Updating NetBackup
  • Collecting Logs and Diagnostic Information
  • Appendix A: Protecting NAS Data
  • Appendix B: Configuring and Managing Tape Storage
  • Appendix C: Performing Instant Recovery

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