Virtualization, Private Clouds and VMware vSphere

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Virtualization, Private Clouds and VMware vSphere

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Virtualization is the major trend in IT today. This is due, in part, to virtualizations ability to dramatically improve server utilization rates and deployment time, reduce costs, power demands and complexity, while simplifying administration and creating new opportunities for back up and business continuity.In this webinar, we will explain how cloud computing works, and how VMware vSphere lets organizations create and run private clouds.

The attendee should have a basic appreciation of the costs and complexity of traditional PC server deployment and administration.

1 1/2 Hours/Lecture

This webinar is appropriate for managers and IT administrators who are considering virtualization to improve service while reducing cost, complexity and risk.

  • Cloud computing overview
  • Storage, server and network clouds
  • How over commit on CPU, memory, network and disk lets you maximize resource utilization
  • How Load balanced clusters deliver consistently good VM performance
  • How Failure Recovery clusters gracefully recover from ESX host failures with minimal VM down time
  • Back up and recovery options for virtual machines
  • Disaster recovery in a virtual environments

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