Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Essentials

This intensive course teaches beginning programmers to write procedures using the VBA language. Students will learn to use variables and flow control, create custom forms, how to perform database access and handle errors. Procedures students will create will allow them to customize the applications included in Microsoft Access.
Students should be familiar with personal computers and Microsoft Access.
3 Days/Lecuture & Lab
Introducing the Visual Basic Editor::Working with the Object Model::Working with the object variables::Working with string variables::Working with date variables::Working with numeric variables::Using the selection structure::Using the Select Case statement and the MsgBox function::Working with the repetition structure and the With statement::Advanced repetition structure and string functions::Working with built-in dialog boxes and the Office Assistant::Working with custom dialog boxes::Working with option button, check box, and list box controls::Automation::Advanced Automation and error trapping

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