Visual Studio Team System Advanced Topics

Training Summary
This course dives deep into the areas of customization, version control, and Team Build, providing students with the knowledge and skills to effectively customize process templates, understand the advanced usage of the version control and check-in policies in a parallel development environment, and customize Team Build. The course also includes many best practices and solutions to common problems in Visual Studio Team System.
Before attending this course, students should have working experience with Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server. Students should: also has familiarity with one or more software development methodology, such as MSF, Agile, Scrum, XP, RUP, etc. They should also have experience developing and supporting multiple versions of a software project, experience working with multiple developers on a software project, experience with the types of conflicts that can arise from a multi-user project. Students should also understand the basic foundations of .NET and be able to read Visual C# code (all source code will be provided) An understanding of Microsoft Windows operating system basics and understanding Microsoft Windows security basics is helpful.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for students who have a working-knowledge of Team System and Team Foundation Server, or who have attended comparable training classes.
Course Topics
  • Customizing Process Templates
  • Parallel Development
  • Check-In Policies
  • Advanced Team Build
  • Patterns, Best-Practices, and How-Tos

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