Visualization and Reporting with Jira

Training Summary
This beginner-level course helps participants unlock the power of Jira Software's out-of-the-box reporting and dashboard capabilities. The course enables participants to visualize, assess, and communicate project progress and bottlenecks effectively. It covers the creation and analysis of Jira reports, wallboard configuration, and multi-project dashboard creation. Participants will also learn about dashboard best practices, potential pitfalls, and how to ensure that their reporting reflects the right metrics. By the end of the course, participants will be confident in using Jira to display project status visually on fully customizable dashboards.
Prior to this course, participants should have completed the "Jira Introduction" course or have familiarity with Jira-related topics, such as navigation, viewing boards and issues, Jira workflows, Jira filters, and use of the advanced JQL editor for filter queries.
2 Days Lecture & Labs
The course is suitable for those new to Jira dashboards and reports, Jira project managers, scrum masters, product owners, and Jira software users.
Course Topics
  • Course Overview
  • Jira Software Reporting
  • Creating Jira Dashboards
  • Analyzing Reports & Gadgets
  • Filtering Data for Dashboards and Reports
  • Sharing Dashboards
  • Reporting in Confluence

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