VM Concepts and Facilities

Training Summary
This course presents the principles behind VM's control of and interaction with modern mainframe computers. Students learn the terminology and the hardware and software concepts necessary to communicate in the VM environment. Students learn how VM shares system resources among users, so that each user's virtual machine is functionally equivalent to the 370/390 computer. This provides a firm foundation on which the students can build their VM skills. Depending on the class environment, students will login and use basic CP and CMS commands and functions.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for anyone that wants to learn basic VM concepts.
Course Topics
Understand virtual machine concepts and terminology::Understand the role of VM in a production environment::Understand the role of minidisks in the VM environment::Understand the components of the virtual machine::CMS file system XEDIT, running programs and EXEC processing::Distinguish between the functions of CP and CMS::Logon and use CP and CMS commands::Finding the syntax for CP and CMS commands::User functions available under CMS::Purpose of virtual machines and guest operating systems::Major differences between various levels of VM::Differences between VM products and their uses.::Differences between VM products and their uses.

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