VMware Carbon Black EDR Advanced Administrator - EDU-VCBEDRAA-OE - EU

Training Summary
This one-day course teaches you how to use the advanced features of the VMware Carbon Black� EDR� product. This usage includes gaining access to the Linux server for management and troubleshooting in addition to configuring integrations and using the API. This course provides an in-depth, technical understanding of the Carbon Black EDR product through comprehensive coursework and hands-on scenario-based labs. This class focuses exclusively on advanced technical topics related to the technical back-end configuration and maintenance
This course requires completion of the following course:
8 Hours
System administrators and security operations personnel, including analysts and managers
Course Topics
By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: Describe the components and capabilities of the Carbon Black EDR server Identify the architecture and data flows for Carbon Black EDR communication Identify the architecture for a cluster configuration and Carbon Black EDR cluster communication Describe the Carbon Black EDR server data types and data locations Use the API to interact with the Carbon Black EDR server without using the UI Create custom threat feeds for use in the Carbon Black EDR server Perform the integration with a syslog server Use different server-side scripts for troubleshooting Troubleshoot sensor-side configurations and communication

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