VMware Carbon Black EDR Advanced Analyst - EDU-VCBEDRAAN-OE - EU

This one-day course teaches you how to use the VMware Carbon Black� EDR� product during incident response. Using the SANS PICERL framework, you will configure the server and perform an investigation on a possible incident. This course provides guidance on using Carbon Black EDR capabilities throughout an incident with an in-depth, hands-on, scenariobased lab.
This course requires completion of the following course:VMware Carbon Black EDR Administrator
8 Hours
Security operations personnel, including analysts and incident responders
By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: Utilize Carbon Black EDR throughout an incident Implement a baseline configuration for Carbon Black EDR Determine if an alert is a true or false positive Fully scope out an attack from moment of compromise Describe Carbon Black EDR capabilities available to respond to an incident Create addition detection controls to increase security

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