VMware Horizon 7: Install, Configure, Manage plus App Volumes Fast Track [V7.10] - EDU-HICMAPFT710-OE - LATAM

Training Summary
This five-day, extended hour course gives you the skills to deliver virtual desktops and applications through a single virtual desktop infrastructure platform. This course builds your skills in installing, configuring, and managing VMware Horizon 7 through a combination of lecture and hands-on labs. You learn how to configure and deploy pools of virtual machines, how to manage the access and security of the machines, and how to provide a customized desktop environment to end users. Build your skills in application management using VMware App Volumes and VMware Dynamic Environment Manager. You will learn how to use App Volumes to deliver applications and data to desktops and users in seconds and at scale. You will gain skills in managing application lifecycles from installation to update and replacement. You will also learn how to use Dynamic Environment Manager to provide personalization and dynamic policy configuration across virtual, physical, and cloud-based environments to simplify end-user profile management. Product Alignment VMware Horizon 7.10 VMware User Environment Manager 9.10 App VolumesTM Manager 4.0 Dynamic Environment Manager 9.10
Customers attending this course should have, at a minimum, the following VMware infrastructure skills:Use VMware vSphere Web Client to view the state of virtual machines, datastores, and networksOpen a virtual machine console on VMware vCenter Server and access the guest operating systemCreate snapshots of virtual machinesConfigure guest customization specificationsModify virtual machine propertiesConvert a virtual machine into a templateDeploy a virtual machine from a templateAttendees should also have the following Microsoft Windows system administration experience:Configure Active Directory services, including DNS, DHCP, and time synchronizationRestrict user activities by implementing Group Policy objectsConfigure Windows systems to enable Remote Desktop ConnectionsBuild an ODBC connection to an SQL Server database
40 Hours
Course Topics
By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: Recognize the features and benefits of VMware Horizon Install and configure VMware Horizon Connection ServerTM Create and optimize Windows VMs to create VMware Horizon desktops Describe the purpose of Horizon Agent Compare the remote display protocols that are available in VMware Horizon Configure and manage the VMware Horizon ClientTM systems and connect the client to a VMware Horizon desktop Configure, manage, and entitle automated pools of full VMs Configure, manage, and entitle pools of instant-clone desktops and linked-clone desktops Install and configure View Composer Outline the steps and benefits for using TLS CA signed certificates in VMware Horizon environments Use the role-based delegation to administer a VMware Horizon environment Configure secure access to VMware Horizon desktops Understand and create Remote Desktop Services (RDS) desktops and application pools Install and configure App Volumes to deliver and manage applications Deploy VMware Dynamic Environment ManagerTM for user and application management Install and configure a Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP) server for managing JMP components Describe VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Smart Policies Use the command-line tools available in VMware Horizon to back up and restore the required VMware Horizon databases Manage the performance and scalability of a VMware Horizon deployment Identify the benefits of the Cloud Pod Architecture feature for large-scale VMware Horizon deployments Describe the features and functions of App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager Demonstrate the architectures of App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager Install and configure App Volumes Create and deploy Application Packages and writable volumes Install and configure Dynamic Environment Manager Manage application configurations, user environment settings, and personalization settings

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