VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration - EDU-HIA8-OE

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VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration - EDU-HIA8-OE

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" This two-day, hands-on course gives you the skills to install and configure a virtual desktop infrastructure platform. This course builds your skills in installing and configuring VMware Horizon® through a combination of lecture and hands-on labs. You learn how to install and configure VMware Horizon® Connection Server™, VMware Unified Access Gateway™, how to configure a load balancer for use with Horizon, and how to establish Cloud Pod Architecture. Product Alignment • VMware Horizon 8 V2006 "

" Customers attending this course should have, at a minimum, the following VMware infrastructure skills: • Use VMware vSphere® Web Client to view the state of virtual machines, datastores, and networks • Open a virtual machine console on VMware vCenter Server® and access the guest operating system • Create snapshots of virtual machines • Configure guest customization specifications • Modify virtual machine properties • Convert a virtual machine into a template • Deploy a virtual machine from a template Attendees should also have the following Microsoft Windows system administration experience: • Configure Active Directory services, including DNS, DHCP, and time synchronization • Restrict user activities by implementing Group Policy objects • Configure Windows systems to enable Remote Desktop Connections • Build an ODBC connection to an SQL Server database "

2 Days

Administrators and architects for VMware Horizon should enroll in this course. These individuals are responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and administration of an organization's end-user computing infrastructure.

" By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: • Identify Horizon Connection Server installation, architecture, and requirements. • Describe the authentication and certification options for a Horizon environment • Recognize the integration process and benefits of VMware Workspace ONE® Access™ and Horizon 8 • Discuss performance and scalability options available in Horizon 8 • Describe different security options for the Horizon environment Certifications VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration is the second half of a two-course requirement for the following certification: • VMware Certified Professional – Desktop and Mobility 2020 (VCP-DTM 20202). VMware Horizon 8: Skills for Virtual Desktop Management satisfies the first requirement. The courses are also available as a single, bundled offering, VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage, which meets the certification requirement on its own. "

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