VMware NSX: Micro-Segmentation v6.3 - EDU-NSXMS63-OE v6.3 - NA

Training Summary
In this intensive three-day course, you will explore the security-focused features of VMware NSX� 6.3, including the distributed firewall and the Service Composer, to help drive your microsegmentation deployment to success. Product Alignment NSX 6.3
You should understand security concepts.
24 Hours
Experienced system administrators, network administrators, and engineers or system integrators responsible for implementing security policy in the software-defined data center.
Course Topics
By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: Describe the software-defined data center Explain the NSX components and their function in the infrastructure Deploy NSX for microsegmentation Describe the distributed firewall architecture Configure and manage NSX with VMware vSphere� Web Client Configure distributed firewall policies Use the Service Composer to automate security policy application Understand partner integration workflows Troubleshoot the distributed firewall from the VMware ESXi� command-line interface (CLI) Troubleshoot the distributed firewall from the NSX central CLI

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