VMware vSphere 5: Overview

Training Summary
This hands-on training course introduces the most compelling features of VMware vSphere 5, which is the foundational component of the cloud infrastructure suite of software from VMware. This course demonstrates vSphere features that help reduce your IT costs while improving efficiency, availability, scalability, flexibility, and manageability. The course is based on VMware ESXi 5.0 and VMware vCenter Server 5.0. This course is 55 percent lecture and 45 percent hands-on labs.
System administration knowledge or experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems is helpful
This course is designed for technical persons responsible for evaluating vSphere 5, including IT managers, system architects, and system administrators
Course Topics
  • Using the VMware vSphere Client to deploy and manage virtual machines
  • Using VMware vSphere vMotion to migrate live virtual machines
  • Using vSphere Storage vMotion to migrate live virtual machine data
  • Configuring ESXi clusters to automatically balance virtual machine workloads
  • Hierarchically allocating CPU and memory resources to specific business functions
  • Using vCenter Server alarms and performance graphs to actively monitor the datacenter

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