VMware vSphere: Practitioner Workshop [V6.7] - EDU-VLCMWS67-OE (NON-US ONLY) - APAC

Training Summary
In this three-day workshop, students perform various tasks that a system administrator performs on a regular basis.These tasks include updating and upgrading an existing basic VMware vSphere� environment and troubleshooting common problems. Students apply the concepts learned during the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.7] course while they increase their skill and competence.
Completion of the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.7]
40 Hours
System administrators and engineers, with beginner to intermediate knowledge of vSphere, who want to gain proficiency in the management of the vSphere lifecycle
Course Topics
By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:Explore VMware vSphere Distributed SwitchTM configuration optionsConstruct a vSphere Distributed Switch for VMware vSphere vMotion and VM TrafficDiscuss vSphere storage conceptsDifferentiate between VMware vSphere VMFS and NFS datastoresConstruct an iSCSI VMkernel Interface on a vSphere Distributed SwitchCreate VMFS datastoresDescribe the architecture and requirements of vSAN configurationExplain how to create and use vSAN disk groups and storage policiesDiscuss vSphere vMotion migration workflowDiscuss VMware vSphere Storage vMotion migration workflowComplete virtual machine storage migrationsAutomate virtual machine migrations using VMware vSphere Distributed Resource SchedulerTMConfigure vSphere DRS groups and rulesDiscuss VMware vCenter Server migration pathsComplete a migration of Windows vCenter Server to VMware vCenter Server ApplianceTMDiscuss VMware vSphere Update ManagerTM conceptsPerform VMware ESXiTM hosts upgrades using vSphere Update ManagerEmploy host profiles to configure an ESXi hostConfigure VMware vSphere High AvailabilityDemonstrate the ESXi Cluster Quickstart featureCreate a content libraryCreate a virtual machine templateCreate customization specificationsDeploy a virtual machine from a template in the content libraryClone virtual machinesMonitor virtual machine resourcesConfigure vCenter Server Appliance backupRestore a vCenter Server Appliance from a backupForward vCenter Server Appliance log files to Remote Syslog ServerConfigure VMware vCenter Server High Availability

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