VMware vSphere VCP5 Certification Exam Preparation Seminar

This 3-hour RAIL online seminar will provide students with a structured learning plan that will prepare them to sit the VMware VCP certification examination by concentrating study effort upon those learning objectives that the VCP will test. It includes a lecture, as well as class discussion and question & answer session. This course covers vSphere 5.0 version.
VMware vSphere 5.0: Install, Configure, Manage (HL235S) or VMware vSphere 5.0: What's New (HL234S)A good command of English since this online seminar will be delivered in English
Previous attendees of the VMware vSphere 5.0: Install, Configure, Manage (HL235S) course or VMware vSphere 5: What's New (HL234S) class who are considering or have already booked the VMware VCP exam. The best results will be obtained if the delegate has at least 5 days after this session to follow-up on the advice given during the seminar before taking the exam.

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