VSAM for COBOL Programmers

Training Summary
This course is designed for COBOL programmers who need to work with VSAM data sets, both from an AMS (Access Method Services) perspective, and from COBOL programs.
Experience working with COBOL; knowledge of JCL, a text editor, and submitting jobs is required for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Students who complete this course will be able to define, load, print, and delete VSAM data sets, and to process VSAM data sets from COBOL programs.
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • Catalog Hierarchy
  • Job Alternatives
  • Key Sequenced Data Sets (KSDS)
  • VSAM and COBOL: An Introduction
  • COBOL and KSDS
  • Alternate Indexes
  • Using Alternate Indexes in COBOL
  • Relative Record Data Sets (RRDS)
  • Randomizing Algorithms
  • COBOL and RRDS
  • Extra exercise

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