VSAM KSDS Performance and Tuning

Training Summary
This course is designed for experienced programmers who are already using IDCAMS to create VSAM KDSD datasets and who are already coding COBOL or Assembler programs that access VSAM KDSD files. It covers VSAM KSDS architecture, coding of IDCAMS utility commands with performance in mind, maintenance of VSAM KSDS files, and techniques for improving COBOL or Assembler program access and updating of VSAM KSDS files.
Participants must be able to create simple VSAM KSDS datasets using IDCAMS and appropriate control statements, code basic JCL statements use the edit and submit facilities of TSO, and code simple COBOL or Assembler programs that access or update VSAM KSDS files.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for application developers and analysts.
Course Topics
  • VSAM KSDS Architecture (An understanding of VSAM architecture leads to better understanding for how to improve VSAM performance.)
  • Types of Access (Defining high-performing VSAM files depends on how they will be accessed.)
  • Defining for Performance
  • Maintaining for Performance
  • Programming for Performance in COBOL and Assembler Programs
  • Running for Performance

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