VSAM Nuts, Bolts, and Performance

This course quickly jumps from basic to advanced and provides information needed not only to create, load, and use VSAM datasets effectively from batch(JCL) and/or online(CICS) application programs and utilities, but also presents key concepts about how VSAM works, what VSAM Utilities are available, and when which VSAM features are appropriate and even tuning options. By attending this course students will gain a comfort level with what makes VSAM tick and how to make VSAM perform to its fullest. This includes explanations of Clusters, Indexes, Data Records, Control Areas, Control Intervals, Free Space, Buffers, Sharing, etc. It also includes explanations of VSAM file types and Alternate Index usage. Additionally the student is introduced to proven design, programming, and tuning techniques throughout the course to help ensure VSAM is utilized most effectively.
Prior to taking this course, a working knowledge of TSO/ISPF/JCL and some exposure to CICS is required.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for attendees new to VSAM and/or those requiring a thorough refresher and then moving quickly into advanced design, usage, and tuning topics.
VSAM in a Nutshell
  • VSAM File Types
  • VSAM Data Design
  • VSAM Utilities
  • VSAM Application Programming
  • VSAM File Access
  • VSAM Tuning Batch (JCL) / Online (CICS)

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