VSAM Structure & Design

Training Summary
Attendees will be able to describe Virtual Storage Access Method and its uses. The attendee will understand the different types of VSAM dataset, and how they are located via the Catalogs. The attendee will be able to describe the Backup, Load and Restore processes. The attendee will understand VSAM performance techniques and options and would have done a Performance workshop. In addition, the attendee will understand how to troubleshoot, and be introduced to the Application interface. VSAM RLS is also covered. A number of Workshops are included to reinforce the topics.
Before taking this course, students should be familiar with basic MVS principles and have a working knowledge of TSO/ISPF and JCL.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for System Programmers needing a good understanding of VSAM, Trainee System Programmers needing a good understanding of VSAM, New Programmers needing a good understanding of VSAM, and Operations personnel requirement a good understanding of VSAM.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to VSAM
  • The VSAM Dataset Structures
  • Defining the VSAM Environment
  • Workshop
  • How VSAM Datasets are located
  • Workshop
  • Alternate Indexes
  • Workshop
  • VSAM Catalogs
  • Interpreting the Listcat
  • Repro, Backup and Restore
  • Examine and Diagnose
  • VSAM Performance
  • The Application Interface
  • VSAM Record Level Sharing

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